excuse my mistakes. i wrote you me in hopes you remember me right. i am living my life for you simply because you are not.

"I swear things are going to get better but they almost never do. I want to tell her that she’s a bitch like her mom but that’s stooping down lower than I ever would like.
But my anger isn’t just this. It’s not just her being rude, being prissy, and not fair. My anger is in so much.
That’s the thing - the very thing those goddamn while oval pills with a line in the middle can’t numb, the very thing my counselor swears they understand but they too have not a goddamn clue what it is, the very thing that I can’t understand, the very goddamn thing that’s so big I swear it’s like the goddamn iceberg from the Titanic. It’s that. The pain that’s everywhere and I can’t seem to pinpoint it.
And sometimes you’ll push my buttons. I’ll want to cry but you’re just saving me somehow. I feel relieved. I start getting an idea of what the iceberg is, or at least where I walk across.
I know the walk isn’t going to be easy, and I know keeping you with me isn’t going to be easy either. That’s one of the things, I guess. Losing you. I’ve gotten used to you in my life and I frankly really like it. I want it.
And all I need are those three words. Eight letters. Cliché as it may be - but ‘I need you’ isn’t good enough. It never has been but it’s a hell of a lot better than any pill will ever be.”
mhz, “diary entries”
"Here’s your dilemma, kid:
School’s almost over for the year and you’re still struggling with yourself. You tell yourself that you’ve finally got it and that you’re gonna pull yourself together sometime soon but deep inside you know that you can’t because finals are around the corner, your inner demons are raging, and you know the facts: getting your hopes up gets you nowhere.
Screw that.
Today you woke up. You got out of bed. You got yourself together. Sure, you might not have had an amazing day. But you got yourself somewhere - school, work, in the kitchen, or maybe in the bathroom.
Somebody else out there did that too, today.
They’re doing it absently just like you are - but they’re doing it for you.
It’s a beautiful time guys, it really is. And time is only beautiful because of those who color it correctly. You’re beautiful, and you’re worth it.
I think it’s time you finally started to agree with it.”
mhz, "happier ramblings"

i apologize for an upcoming stream of angry, vulnerable, and harsh poetry. i don’t mean the words as harshly as they may come of but fucking hell i need to sort my shit out.

here is something cool.

lately it’s been as if i’ve been writing a lot on people’s behalf rather than for myself. i’d like to let you all know that from now on forth, you can submit/send me a secret or an idea and i will write a poem for you. obviously what i may write may end up not relating to what you intended for me to write but i will try my best to compose a poem for you.

submit here! or if you want to send me something anonymously submit here.